Monday, November 10, 2008


On how to descend a hill on a bike. Video.

Last night my Xbox 360 experienced the Three Red Lights of Death (aka, 3RLOD). So today I attempted to fix it using the X-clamp removal and repair method. Pictures here. I completed all the steps in about three hours.

I plugged everything in, overheated the Xbox to re-solder the GPU/CPU to the motherboard, cooled it off, and attempted to turn it on. The 3RLOD were gone!

However, my Xbox 360 then experienced what I would call the One Red Light of Death. The lower right quadrant was flashing. I queried this error, and it is apparently due to a bad ANA chip, or something related to the video output of the Xbox 360. So apparently, every component in my Xbox 360 decided to fail at once.

So all in all, I got to see the innards of the Xbox 360, bought a cool new screwdriver set (complete with Torx T6 through T25 hex heads), and corrected the 3RLOD. But alas, it still is broken. Tomorrow I will be buying a new Xbox 360 and the newly released Call of Duty 5: World at War. At least I can buy a cheap Xbox Arcade and upgrade the harddrive. As long as my old harddrive isn't broken too.

Yay for technology.

And my phone wasn't working today either. I had to call IT so they could fix the Enterprise Activation so I could send and receive network email.



drbott said...

When descending a hill on a bike, you want your feet to be level. Keeping your butt behind the saddle to shift your weight back, and only using your rear break will help prevent you from going over the handlebars.

sounds simple enough.

drbott said...

What about the Xbox?